The pedal assisted bicycle revolution is here and communities across the country are finding that this subtle addition into outdoor recreation is having a not-so-subtle impact on public health, tourism, leisure, and healthy economic growth. This page offers the Lake George Electric Bike Company's research and dedication to promote the proper safety,  understanding, and fun that pedal assisted biking can bring to your community. 

Electric bicycles are proving to be a wonderful alternative to conventional exercise, travel, and recreational activities in our communities. Biking is growing in popularity as economies reopen and people search for healthy and fun lifestyles. 

However, there are factors of conventional biking that limit vast amounts of the population from enjoying their local community's walking and biking trails. 


 Health conditions, age, ability, geographical location, and the physicality associated with conventional bicycles are just some of the reasons so many people choose not to bike.


The health of us and our neighbors is imperative to the safe reopening of our public and private lives. Pedal assisted bicycles provide communities with a new and exciting way for people of all ages and abilities to get outside and get around safely. 


An ecologically and economically friendly form of transportation, pedal assisted bikes are changing the way we move. 

According to NPR News and other reporting agencies, fossil fuel demand is dropping and electric power is set to become the dominate means of transportation. Electric bikes are a wonderful example of what our world will look like as this welcomed changed unfolds.  


Pedal assisted biking is bringing  new possibilities to vacation and tourist destinations throughout the world. More and more people are seeing biking as a more enjoyable way to explore a region than driving. 

In order to spread awareness and understanding of this modern interpretation on biking, this section will serve as a destination for anyone interested in learning about electric bikes. Here, you will find useful and reliable information regarding the latest news and discussions taking place as regions decide on the role electric bikes are to play in their communities. 

                                                   discusses the differences between activity on a conventional bike versus an electrically assisted bike. It is clear traditional bicycles offer a tougher, more strenuous, and difficult workout. Yet it goes on to discuss how most electric bike riders are getting a moderate workout. This highlights one of the many revolutionary affects pedal assisted biking is having on peoples lives. It is a way to better regulate and control the severity of a workout while riding a bike. This has a positive affect on the number of people biking is available to. 

The Article from Juiced Bikes   provides information regarding the important classification of electric bikes. Please note that these classifications are what New York State has adopted as policy for electric bike classification. 

Many States and local Governments are turning to places that have successfully adopted electric assisted bicycles onto their public trail systems. One of the best and most successful models is the state of Colorado. With beautiful natural parks and thousands of miles of bike trails. Pedal assisted biking has become one of the states leading recreational activities with a market that is consistently growing. Try this short article to see the Colorado Parks and Wildlife official page regarding the use of electric bikes.